2019-2020 Arts Education


Forest Hill Elementary School


The mission “ACT OUT” is to give students the best of both worlds; the classroom dynamic and the ensemble dynamic

The program will recruit 30 students from the Parkside Section of Camden 

 Monday - Wednesday

3:30 – 6:30



The classroom dynamic will focus on giving introductory exposure to four areas: acting, directing, stage crafting, and dance. Our goal is to  further enhance each scholars Language Arts and Literacy skills which incorporate artistic and extracurricular activities and serves to improve parental involvement in their children’s education while focusing on families

Coopers Poynt Family School


The program will recruit fifteen participants. The workshops will take place:

Spring 2019 

Every Saturday

 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. 


The ensemble dynamic will boost each scholar’s self-esteem, improve public speaking, and develop communication skills while providing a place to practice creativity. Working on a production at any age can build self-confidence and enhance one’s feeling of acceptance while introducing children to new ways to relate to their peers and develop a better understanding of themselves.