Meet The Executive Director

Samir Nichols, Executive Director

      Samir Nichols is a 23 year-old Camden native who has a community activist spirit and works hard to bring awareness to community and social issues through theater arts awareness, He refers to his self and his team as “gladiators in Suits". At age 14 he constructed a non-profit to support an “Arts in Education” platform that allows Camden City scholars the ability to express themselves through dance and musical arts. 

In June 2014 Samir graduated Camden City Creative Arts High School. Since a very young age Samir always aspired to live a life of public service. He saw a need to launch a local campaign “You Can Help” fight hunger where he provided hot soup on the coldest day of the winter to almost 500 homeless people in Camden. 

He began his journey in the arts at the age of 7. Samir watched his uncle work at the Philadelphia Theater Company as the stage manger, where he was able to see what equity theater was like. Soon after his enrollment into Creative Arts High School he was invited to study with E’leone Dance School under the direction of Shawn La’mere Williams. 

Samir was in high school at the time as a sophomore in high school Samir dedicated himself to becoming the male version of Oliva Pope (Oliver Pope). He served on the Camden City Board of Education as a Student Board Representative, and also on the Mayor's Youth Council as the Youth Co-Chair for the Education committee. Most recently, Samir has served as Artistic Facilitator to Rutgers University, Yorkship Elementary School, Hatch Family School, and Coopers Poynt School providing students with best practices and sustainable training. Samir is a firm believer that everyone has a dream and is entitled to live out that dream as he has, and it is his job and reasonability to be a beacon of hope for young artistic pioneers to not only serve artistically, but civically as well.

Over the past several years he was able to serve in the local elections in Camden and it has driven him to want to help to change laws. Currently Mr. Nichols is currently an undergraduate Theater major at Rutgers University Camden.  

His goal is to work at the White House.  “I want to push a national agenda that is going to move America forward and what better way to get that done than working at the White House”. Samir used that saying to push a local agenda to "SAVE THE ARTS IN CAMDEN”, alongside Camden Newly elected Mayor Francisco “Frank” Moran, Samir spearhead the 2018 established of Camden City first ever Arts, Cultural, Heritage commission where he served as the Chairperson. as chairman Samir introduced a policy to entitled "Camden City Artistic Development Plan" the first ever governmental support for arts in Camden.