Artistic Leadership

Malisa Mendez, Artistic Director


Malisa Mendez,  is considered the "Chief Gladiator" here at Superior Arts. After four illuminating years as a theater major at Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy Malisa graduated in the top 10 of her class with honors. In summer of 2013, Malisa was selected to receive a scholarship to attend one of America’s leading Shakespeare boot camps "The Oregon Shakespeare Festival" for two intense weeks. She took part in numerous workshops, watched various plays, and learned the business aspect of acting. In high school she participated in many plays and short films such as "Romeo and Juliet" as Lady Capulet, "The Color Museum" as Miss Pat, "Pericles" as Dionyza. Those experiences has help molded her into the actress she is today. Currently Malisa serves as the Artistic Director here at Superior Arts in hopes to create a divers season that empower young artistic scholars who are interested in theater. 

"Time to give the youth the opportunity we did not have " - Malisa Mendez

Tiara Jones, Technical Director


 Tiara Jones uses the word eclectic, meaning “to select” in various sources in Greek to describe her process of collecting research of cultural identity, imagery and psychology to share a story with her audience. Her mediums of lighting design, projection design and photography are implemented in her studies at Rowan University’s Technical Theatre Department and various personal projects. Jones love of technology, connecting communities and visual art is evident in her designs. Upon graduation she plans to continue in the design field, while also creating numerous opportunities in the field for upcoming designers of diverse backgrounds.