The Parkside Partnership

Deep Dive in Parkside Arts Side

The Camden City Parkside Arts Pavilion (PAP) was established as a community based partnership between two (2) regional arts organizations, Superior Arts and IDEA Performing Arts Center, along with the Parkside Business & Community in Partnership Inc. (PBCIP);  one of Camden’s leading Community Development Corporations.   

The Parkside Arts Pavilion, home to these two arts organizations, will help lay the foundation for the development of an arts district, which would make  the Parkside neighborhood   a destination for people within the City of Camden and people throughout the region.


       MARCH 2019

In 2017, PBCIP in partnership with residents of Parkside came together to create the “Parkside Neighborhood Revitalization Plan”, highlighting several goals that encompass recommendations for community and economic development. Thus creating a brighter future that will build value, a market, hope, assets in our community, and the capacity of residents throughout Camden.

 Superior Arts goal is to support:

  • Develop artistic programming to support services that serve the neighborhood;
  • Increase educational attainment and learning opportunities; involve parents in their
    children’s education;
  • Encourage healthy living;
  • Support active living through "ARTS NIGHT OUT" every other Thursday in spring;
  • Celebrate cultural diversity and strengthen students’ sense of community through
    increased communication, bolstered pride and heightened local identity for Parkside.